The underlying threat of the freedom of media from politicians

The traditional role of the media is to inform the general public about anything and everything. The media makes reports that may not be favourable to different political players who may feel offended and subsequently attempt to limit the freedom of media by dint of the power that they possess. On the other hand, politicians are expected to be calm and collected in addition to possessing the capacity to maintain their calm even when the political temperatures rise, and their authority and undertakings are in question. This article attempts to challenge the status quo by suggesting that there are better ways of handling such issues as opposed to publicly taking on each other.
July 06, 2023
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If there is something that is so crucial in a democracy is the need to ensure that information freely flows from one person to another. To this point therefore, it is worth noting that the media simply acts as a vessel through which this information is channelled to the citizens and everybody else. Voters are only able to make informed decisions once they have the right information. Given that they elected the leaders into political offices, they expect that they should be well informed on what the leaders are doing with this power that they have donated to them. In case the leaders breach this trust that has been bestowed on them.

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It is impossible to imagine the existence of democracy without a free, pluralist media for disseminating information and discussing political and social affairs. Therefore, democracy and a democratic culture depend on free and vibrant media. Media freedom is essential for a functional democracy.
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Press freedom was explained by English poet John Milton in his text Areopagitica (1644), in reacting to a repressive ordinance established by Parliament in 1643. The ordinance required authors.


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In our opinion in the June Issue No. 89, we assessed and commented on the then highly debated Finance Bill 2023, which President Ruto has incessantly been forcing on Kenyans, as substantially.

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