The 3 Most Important Elements of Google Analytics That Attorneys Need to Understand

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May 01, 2018
Whether you’re a professional digital marketer or simply an attorney monitoring the performance of your website, Google Analytics is a critical tool to utilize in your assessments.

Google offers training such as the Google Analytics Academy for Beginners and other programs for advanced users, but attorneys often lack the time to undergo this type of program. Further, understanding the reports provided by Google Analytics is also not the same thing as recognizing how to improve what the report is showing.

Accordingly, this article outlines three of the most important aspects of Google Analytics to understand and offers tips for improving or building upon the reported data concerning your law firm’s website.

Page Views

This may be one of the most self-explanatory pieces of data, but the implications could be particularly useful. Law firms should track to see how many page views their individual pages are getting, but some pages are more important than others.

The most visited pages are often the homepage and the attorney bio pages. Low page views for these URLs are indicators that you are not coming up in Google searches, nor are your attorneys registered in enough directories. Your most important practice area pages should also be showing some activity. Though a homepage or bio may be all a potential client needs to see before determining if you should be hired, a potential client may review your practice area pages to determine if you handle their specific claim.

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