Education, Issue 89 - June 2023, Religion
June 05, 2023
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Reasonable accommodation for religious beliefs in schools: The judgment of the Kenyan Court of Appeal

The High Court found against the Appellants/Petitioners, on the bases that they had indicated their willingness to comply with the school rules (which included mandatory mass), and that they had not established that mandatory mass amounted to an impingement of their own freedom of belief. The Court of Appeal – consisting of Kiage, Tuiyott, and […]

Human Rights, Issue 89 - June 2023, Religion, Trending News
June 01, 2023
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Kenya cult deaths: A new era in the battle against religious extremism

Fathima Azmiya Badurdeen, who has studied the drivers of religious extremism, particularly among violent extremist groups in the east African region, talks to The Conversation Africa’s Julius Maina about the cults and religious extremism challenges in Kenya where freedom of religion or belief is protected by the constitution. What do we know so far about […]

Freedom of religion: a call to order

To our credit as a country, freedom of religion is one area that has enjoyed relatively few hardships, with persons being allowed to practice their faith unhindered. There have been no major penalties and disabilities hampering the freedom of religion. As a result, we have had exponential growth, particularly in evangelical churches, owing to a […]