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on Jun 5, 2023
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On 24th February, 2023, the Supreme Court of Kenya by a majority affirmed that (LGBTQI persons) have the right to register an association as envisioned under Article 36 of the Constitution of Kenya. The Court further affirmed that Article 27 covers sexual orientation as one of the protected grounds against sexual orientation.  Preceding the Supreme […]

on May 2, 2023
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Given that it has been argued that the main impediment to gender equality in electoral politics is patriarchal politics, most gender equality projects involve the implementation of gender quotas to increase the number of women leaders. Within the use of quotas to promote gender parity emerges the configuration of women as marginalized groups who require […]

on Mar 1, 2023
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By the mere fact that the pro-life and anti-abortion billboards were concentrated in Nairobi County, the capital city with a high rate of educated individuals, it would have been easier to buy the pro-adoption argument. Yet, it is this cynical deployment of “pro-adoption” to legitimize the shaming of abortion that blurs the substantive advancement of […]