Platform wins gold award for digital production

In Issue 83 - Dec 2022, Trending News
December 30, 2022
The Platform is honored to have been recognized during the 2nd Edition of Global Awards by KeOnline held on the 25th November 2022 at Movenpick Hotel, Nairobi. On our behalf, the award was gracefully accepted by Ms. Muthoni Nkonge and Mr. Nyaga Dominic who attended the Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony.

Following a nomination and public participation stages, the award sought to recognize and reward companies, brands and businesses that have and continue to create an impact through their work and online presence. Therefore, while the award is a kind recognition of the positive impact of a “digitally fit publisher” in society, it is a timely reminder of our dedication to offering an informed and critical discussion of the national values and principles of governance now set out under Article 10 (2) of the Constitution of Kenya.

As it was rightly noted by our 2018 C.B Madan Laureate, Justice Mumbi Ngugi, “an award makes the society take notice. It makes the world look up, expectantly”. With the continued support of our guest columnists, partners and a wide readership across all fields of knowledge in the world, we continue to explore the idea of The Platform as a modern-day agora for examining performance and contribution to the rule of law and constitutionalism by different actors.

As the editorial team, we remain indebted to the steady leadership of our Founder and Editor-in-chief, Hon. Gitobu Imanyara, who has demonstrated in his stellar career courage in the face of adversity to uphold and innovatively defend fundamental constitutional values. He is a role model within and beyond The Platform and for future generations who aspire to leave a legacy of institutional independence, integrity in administration and credibility of leadership. Not only are these values integral to the rule of law and democracy, but they also spring confidence across any real or perceived divide to promote the common good for the people.

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The Platform for Law, Justice & Society is published by Gitobu Imanyara & Co every month principally to offer a platform for informed and critical discussion of the National Values and Principles set out in Articles 10 (2) of the Constitution of Kenya.

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