Vine Deloria, a champion of decolonization, gives a basis to investigate colonization. In his essay entitled “Trickster and Messiah” wrote:

The burning question that should occupy our time should concern where the complex of ideas that constitute Western civilization originated, how they originated, and whether they have any realistic correspondence to what we can observe and experience in nature.’

The new Police uniform introduced by President Uhuru look so much Chinese. The Uniform can be traced to the Communist Party of China Propaganda posters and images that is spread throughout Africa and meant to sway the African collective memory. According to Professor James Thuo Gathii, the clothes appears to be made by the Socialist party Kim Jong-un the President of North Korea’s tailor himself. In Africa we might be the tenth African country that the Mansudae Art Studio, which is responsible for producing propaganda art and images for the Communist Party of China has invaded Africa and are producing images that reflect them and not Africa. Professor James Thuo Gathii of  Loyola Law school in  Chicago connected the dots on the mushrooming images of Korea in Africa and the invisibility of African, knowledge, artists designers and even interest.  

The statues and monuments built around Africa by the Mansudae Art Studio. This is a Studio that builds North Korea’s giant propaganda statues, murals and banners. In Africa they have build giant monuments. The first monument was the African Renaissance Monument in Senegal 49 meters (about 160 feet) tall. The Senegalese President Abdoulaye Wade complained about that statute by  Mansudae Art Studio and had to repay for a second job to make it resemble Africa art and not North Korea.  The images are linked to economic exploitation of  Senegal, because for payment the Korean artist was given a huge state owned land because they could not afford a whole  $ 27 million the price of those statute. S

 The second work in Africa is in Namibia, where they have built a three kilometer memorial at a cost of $ 60 million of President Sam Nujoma in Windhoek. The third statute is in Mozambique is that of  Samora Machel in Maputo. The fourth statute is that of Democratic Republic in Congo, the one for Laurent Kabila in Kinshsaha. Kabila on that statute seems to wear similar coat common in Korean images of Kim Joung designer suit.  The fifth is in Namibia again where a whole state house is also by Masudae Art Studio done 2002. The sixth one is Bronze Statues  In Benin that of Behanzin a traditional King. The seventh one is in Botswana, made of three traditional Chiefs. These Chiefs are Khama II of Bangwato; Sebele I of Bakwena and Bathoen I of Bangwaketse, they were very instrumental in the country struggle for independence. According to Thuo is an Africa head on Korean outfit and you wonder whether you are looking at Korean or African. The eight is in Angola a statute of non other than Agostino Neto in Cultural Center in Launda.

Thuo opines that the Mansudae Art Studio an international wing to produce their statutes in African states as a way of extending their propaganda. Little wonder then how a country like Zambia lose their port and in future our stuggle paying the SGR train. This work is copied from Professor Gathii’s opening Keynote Lecture Delivered at the 5th Society of International Economic Law Biennial Conference, University of Witwatersrand Schreiner School of Law, Johannesburg, South Africa, Thursday July 7, 2016.  Strikingly the new police uniform looks like they can trigger an epileptic seizure. As they say that whoever earns calamity eats it with his family, today that Africa proverb is true the amount of debt we have in China has caused suffering of all Kenyans just see the high VAT cost in order to meet the Chinese debt.