Daystar School of Law, your Day has broken



Your Day has broken, Daystar,

The News of a school of Law at Daystar university came on the wings of an Eagle,

Excited to carry Glad tidings,

Your Day has broken, Daystar,

And it has begun,

We see you,  all you sons and daughters of the world, 

We are standing in amazement,

Looking at men and women of excellence, 

The Daniels and Esthers,

We see unusual ability and wisdom and skills in interpreting situations and explaining the law, 

The day has broken, Daystar school of Law 

The sun is shining, 

Birds are singing, 

Trees are dancing,

We are smiling,

Because at Daystar University, the day has broken, 

The gates and doors of the courts shall be open,

And we shall not withhold justice even to those we feel do not deserve it, 

Our ink shall remain wet and direct,

to inject and write fairness, justice and equity, 

Rejoice for Your Day is broken, Daystar School of Law,

We shall be the cords that strengthen the weak,

Arise,  Daystar, arise Daystar School of Law, 

And shine like the sun and the stars,

The glory of the Lord is shining on you now! 

Your day has broken, 

You shall be an ocean of knowledge,

Nations shall be drawn to your light, 

Daystar, Daystar School of Law, 

Your Day has broken. 

Elvira A. Wilunda 08/11/2018