Human Rights, Issue 88 - May 2023, Medical & Health
May 02, 2023
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The impact of Kenya’s drug policies on human rights: An analysis of the consequences of criminalizing drug use

Introduction The drug problem refers to the widespread use and abuse of illegal drugs, prescription drugs, and other substances with negative physical, mental and health consequences. Communally it has had the effect of destroying relationships such as family and friends. It also ruins one’s capability of working and studying which makes society’s economic status plummet […]

Affordability of life: Why a large population of Kenyans continues to live without any form of health insurance

An equation of quality and timely healthcare services equates to good healthcare and an expensive bill. The health schemes cushion people from expensive bills, by funding medication at a time of need. But is this really true? What is the cost of getting health insurance cover? With the minimum wage of an average Kenyan at […]

So you know the law, but do you know about cancer?

Cancer refers to a class of diseases in which a cell or a group of cells divide and replicate uncontrollably, intrude into adjacent cells and tissues, and ultimately spread to other parts of the body. If this spread is not controlled, it can result in death. Cancer can be a result of internal and external […]

Constitutional Law, Issue 84 - Jan 2023, Medical & Health
January 02, 2023
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The unceasing ambiguity surrounding the right to abortion in Kenya

The constitutional provision of the Right to Abortion is envisaged in Article 26 of the Constitution which provides as follows:[1] This article discusses the seeming ambiguities between the provisions of the Constitution and other statutory laws and suggests a balance between two diverse views and opinions surrounding abortion. Section 158 of the Penal Code provides […]

Issue 83 - Dec 2022, Medical & Health
December 30, 2022
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Will win-win win? Opening Pandora’s box of f MRI vis-a-vis mediation dispute resolution in Kenya

Mediation is one of the dispute resolution mechanisms in the scope of Alternative Dispute Resolution mentioned under article 159 (2)(c) of the constitution of Kenya 2010. “Mediation simply refers to the process of resolving conflict in which a neutral third party (mediator), assists the disputants to resolve their own conflict. The process is voluntary and […]