Perfection of securities over helicopter engines

The Cape Town Convention facilitates the registration of aircraft by providing a standardized framework that regulates the securitisation of aircraft objects such as airframes, aircraft engines and helicopters. The Convention applies to objects, which satisfy the requirements of the Protocol. Specifically, the Convention applies to the purchase and financing of aircraft, airframes, jet engines and […]

Guest post: Judicial review of Governors’ delay in assenting to Bills – A response

Various Commissions like the National Commission to Review the Working of the Constitution and the Puncchi Commission have called for constitutional amendments to prescribe a time limit by which the Governor has to give his assent. However, no action has been taken in furtherance of these recommendations. The failure of legislative intervention necessitates judicial intervention by laying down standards […]

Elections Law, Issue No. 87 - April 2023, The Judiciary
April 11, 2023
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CLA statement regarding the removal of Ugandan Supreme Court Judge, Justice Kisaakye

During the election petition proceedings, Mr. Kyagulanyi made an application to file additional documents out of time, which application was denied by the majority of the court with Justice Kisaakye giving a dissenting opinion that Mr. Kyagulanyi had not been given adequate time to present his case. Justice Kisaakye was obstructed from reading out her […]

Issue No. 87 - April 2023, The Judiciary, Trending News
April 11, 2023
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Judiciary Advocates services go digital. The Judiciary in Kenya has launched an Advocates Management System dubbed ‘JAMS’.

The Chief Justice and the Chief Registrar of the Judiciary have specific statutory roles in managing the affairs of advocates in Kenya, including processing applications for admission of advocates, issuance of advocates’ annual practising certificates, and appointment and annual renewal of Notaries Public. They also maintain the Roll of Advocates, the Roll of Commissioners for […]

Dietary insults and the checkmate of COP27’s negotiations: Rinsing nutritional genomics vis- à-vis the impacts of pollution on the Kenyan foods

The father of medicine, Hippocrates, advised against using medicines when a person could be healed by nutrition.[1] This implies that eating a healthy diet is crucial for maintaining good health and disease prevention. No wonder the modern adage says that an apple a day, keeps the doctor away. Put in another way, ‘Let food be […]

A jurisdictional analysis and critique of the Court of Appeal decision in Nairobi Civil Appeal No. 656 Of 2022 (The NSSF Case)

The Court of Appeal aptly gave the synopsis of the appeal before it. For clarity, it would only be appropriate if I replicate the synopsis in the manner which the Court did having in mind that the Court is composed of a bench of intellectuals with vast knowledge and experience. The matter arose from five […]

Book review: Queer lawfare in Africa – Legal strategies in contexts of LGBTIQ+ criminalisation and politicisation [Guest Post]

Queer Lawfare, according to the authors, is a strategy where rights and/ or laws are tactically employed to advance politically contested goals with regards to the rights of the LGBTQIA+ community. In the words of Siri Gloppen, Adrian Jjuuko, Frans Viljoen, Alan Msosa, the term “lawfare” used in the book describes the following:        The […]

Declaration on preserving and strengthening the independence of the judiciary and on ensuring the independence of the legal profession

This declaration reemphasises the importance to the rule of law of a functioning independent Judiciary, properly funded and comprised of appropriately appointed judges. In addition, an independent legal profession is critical to democracy, enabling government and public entities to be held to account. This meeting of Commonwealth Bar Leaders was an inaugural event for the […]

Decoding the Supreme Court’s election commission judgment – III: On Assuring accountability [Guest Post].

Others, including this blog, have already explained the Court’s two opinions. Therefore, in this piece, I will skip discussing the basic facts and issues outlined in the case. This post, moreover, does not seek to excavate reasoning I thought latent in the two opinions. Instead, I want to bring an argument about the ECI’s functioning into […]