The impact of Kenya’s drug policies on human rights: An analysis of the consequences of criminalizing drug use

The drug problem refers to the widespread use and abuse of illegal drugs, prescription drugs, and other substances with negative physical, mental and health consequences. Communally it has had the effect of destroying relationships such as family and friends. It also ruins one’s capability of working and studying which makes society’s economic status plummet because […]

Environment Law, Issue No. 88- May 2023
May 05, 2023
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Mirror, mirror on the wall: Who is the fairest of them all?

Body dysmorphia disorder and cosmetic surgery The establishment of social media in 1997 has fostered better information and communication mechanisms and with this it has its pitfalls.[1] Cyber pressure and cyber bullying based on ones looks have increased the number of people suffering from body dysmorphia disorder (BDD) otherwise referred to as imagined ugliness syndrome. […]

Family Law, Issue No. 88- May 2023
May 05, 2023
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Call a jack a jack, call a spade a spade: The need to rethink the Family Protection Bill, 2023

The Bill further states that it aims to preserve and protect the cultural and family values of the Kenyan people against emerging threats; and, to uphold Article 44 of the Constitution which provides that “a person shall not compel another person to perform, observe or undergo any cultural practice and rite”.[1] In my opinion, this […]

Issue No. 88- May 2023
May 05, 2023
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Challenges facing the tax system, tax reforms and the future of taxation: Kenya’s case study

1.0 Introduction A tax system is a legal framework through which government collects revenue from its citizenry. Tax is the main weapon used by the government to raise enough revenue. Taxation is generally targeted at meeting two major objectives.[1] First, it is meant to raise revenue sufficient to fund public expenditure without too much public […]

Issue No. 88- May 2023, The Judiciary
May 05, 2023
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For the people or with the people? An appraisal of the right to assembly and the practice in Kenya

The opposition has for decades been a headache to the government of the day through the organization of these demonstrations which springs from Article 37 of the Constitution. Under the wake of the new Constitution promulgated in 2010, the country has witnessed at least three demonstrations organized by the Opposition to wit: following the announcement […]

Corpse versus cops and matatu drivers: Justice from the graveside? A wake-up call in the memory of Michuki rules

Approximately five untidy individuals approached me with placards labelled “RT33” imploring me to board “their” moving discos destined for Raonda. They literally announced their presence. I expeditiously boarded one that was already occupied to minimize my wait time. Subsequently, a different individual, who appeared slightly more presentable in a maroon T-shirt, boarded the matatu. I […]

Human Rights, Issue No. 88- May 2023, The Judiciary
May 02, 2023
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A blessing or a jinx? The impact of political opposition in contemporary Kenya: building an arena for effective political opposition

Democracy and opposition are supposed to go hand in hand. The nascent debate in Kenya is not just about whether democracy will survive, but about the quality of that democracy if it does. The role, functions, legitimacy and capacity of political opposition, in a situation where it is highly fragmented, constitutes a key aspect of […]