A commentary on the unemployment crisis in Kenya

Unemployment is not a newly emerging issue.[1] It has historical underpinnings attached to it that cannot just be wished away. Notably, employment is a global problem but is felt more especially in developing states which are often referred to derogatively as third world countries.[2] Further, the thorny issue of unemployment can affect anyone, but its […]

Economy, Finance & Tax, Issue No. 89- June 2023
June 01, 2023
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Can we tax ourselves out of debt into development? A perspective

From a development perspective, taxes are not only a source of revenue; a more comprehensive analytical framework considers four main purposes of taxation. The first purpose, revenue generation, is also an instrument of macroeconomic policy. A second purpose is redistribution, through progressive taxation and limiting tax incidence on people with lower ability to pay. Redistribution […]

Kenya cult deaths: A new era in the battle against religious extremism

Fathima Azmiya Badurdeen, who has studied the drivers of religious extremism, particularly among violent extremist groups in the east African region, talks to The Conversation Africa’s Julius Maina about the cults and religious extremism challenges in Kenya where freedom of religion or belief is protected by the constitution. What do we know so far about […]

Artificial  Intelligence and trademarks: Is AI the new consumer?

Consumption of goods is being made convenient and easier with the emergence of AI. For instance, AI is giving consumers recommendations on the various products they wish to consume by using a simple voice command (Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant) or through search recommendations (Steponénaité, 2019). The convenience that comes with AI cannot be downplayed; however, […]