Comrades power! Comrades power! Shots fired: Student activism, protests and the role of disruption as a communicative strategy in Africa

1. Introduction It comes with great sadness that I begin this article by mourning the death of my schoolmate. William Mayange, who went to Our Lady of Mercy Ringa Boys High School, was a third-year student at Maseno University at the time of his demise. He lost his life during the anti-government Azimio la Umoja […]

Education, Issue 89 - June 2023, Religion
June 05, 2023
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Reasonable accommodation for religious beliefs in schools: The judgment of the Kenyan Court of Appeal

The High Court found against the Appellants/Petitioners, on the bases that they had indicated their willingness to comply with the school rules (which included mandatory mass), and that they had not established that mandatory mass amounted to an impingement of their own freedom of belief. The Court of Appeal – consisting of Kiage, Tuiyott, and […]

Human Rights, Issue 89 - June 2023
June 05, 2023
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Defending the wretched of the earth; Supreme CourtPetition no. 16 of 2019; Non-Governmental Organisations Co-ordination Board vs Eric Gitari & Others

On 24th February, 2023, the Supreme Court of Kenya by a majority affirmed that (LGBTQI persons) have the right to register an association as envisioned under Article 36 of the Constitution of Kenya. The Court further affirmed that Article 27 covers sexual orientation as one of the protected grounds against sexual orientation.  Preceding the Supreme […]

The Supreme Court of injustice: an anatomization of the Law Society of Kenya versus Communication Authority of Kenya & 10 others judgment                                                       

All over the world, the apex court serves as the final arbiter of disputes, interpreting and enforcing the law and upholding the Constitution. The function of an apex court is to provide the final interpretation of the law and to ensure that justice is delivered. This involves hearing appeals and deciding cases that have been […]

Economy, Finance & Tax, Editorial, Issue 89 - June 2023
June 03, 2023
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Finance Bill 2023 is substantially unconstitutional and anti-devolution

The infamous housing levy that President William Ruto is forcing on Kenyans has elicited considerable debate in the country. While many Kenyans rightly worry about the economics and fairness of the programme, few have raised questions about the constitutionality of the levy. One of the biggest casualties of this forced housing contribution is county governments. […]