Headlines, International Law, Issue No. 86 - March 2023
March 01, 2023
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Beyoncé is going on a world tour. Why she shouldn’t ignore Africa

African fans were disappointed, but no doubt not surprised – Africa is almost always excluded from major world tours organised by global record labels. To be clear, it’s not just Beyoncé. Still, this particular exclusion is compounded by Queen Bey’s love of the continent – especially of former South African president Nelson Mandela – and […]

Headlines, Issue No. 86 - March 2023, Trending News
March 01, 2023
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2022 C.B Madan Awards: Honoring legal pioneers and embracing digital delivery

The Strathmore Law School was buzzing with excitement on Friday, February 24th, 2023, as the 2022 C.B. Madan prize awards incorporating the Strathmore Law School outstanding students awards as well as the C.B. Madan memorial lecture, was held. The event, which is annually scheduled but was delayed to this year due to unavoidable circumstances was […]

Untangling the legal responsibility of international organizations under international law: an x-ray of the draft articles on the responsibility of international organizations

The peacekeeping operations by international organizations have changed in recent years and several missions now pursue stabilization mandates.[1] These stabilization missions involves working closely alongside the host government, to promote the rule of law, engage in counter-terrorism activities and use of robust force to counter violence.[2] Such cooperation between an international organization with the host […]

“The struggle of memory against forgetting”: The Kenyan Supreme Court’s judgment on transitional justice

The facts of the case went back to 1992. They related to State violence against a set of protesters, collectively referred to as “mothers of political prisoners” (the reference is self-explanatory), and who were the Appellants before the Supreme Court. Appellants submitted that for a period of many months in 1992, they were subjected to […]

Investors look forward to a boom in economic recovery, as inflation declines

According to the monetary policy committee, the country has recently registered inflation of 9% which has been the lowest in the past five months. The decline in inflation spearheads glimmering economic recovery through ease of cost of living which has been glaring over the past years. However, the adverse effect of inflation over the past […]

Protecting the right to housing in Kenya: An analysis of legal frameworks challenges and recommendations

The right to housing is one of the most important and pertinent rights espoused in the Constitution of Kenya under its bill of rights. Article 43(1)(b) provides that, ‘every person has the right to accessible and adequate housing, and to reasonable standards of sanitation’. Article 53 of the same constitution furthers this particular right and […]

International Law, Issue No. 86 - March 2023, Media Law
March 01, 2023
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Ousmane Sembène at 100: A tribute to Senegal’s ‘father of African cinema’

Since his death in 2007, Sembène’s status as a pioneer has been further cemented. But the sheer variety and richness of his work, his ability to reinvent himself as an artist, has often been overlooked. On the occasion of his centenary, it’s worth looking at what made him such a remarkable creative presence. The novelist: […]

The role of international economic law in mitigating climate change

Interestingly, climate change can be deemed to be a result of human activities. Climate change is caused by among other things: generating power by burning of fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas; manufacturing industry produce emissions mostly from burning fossil fuels to produce energy for making things like iron, steel, electronics, plastics […]

Jurisdictional challenges in holding social media companies liable for content moderation in Kenya: An analysis.

Justice Jacob Gakeri ruled that social media giant Meta can be sued locally, opening a new front for multinationals registered outside the country to face suits in Kenyan courts. The firm wanted to be removed from the case arguing that Kenyan courts do not have jurisdiction to determine the case. The social media firm argued […]