Sunday, May 29, 2022
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Cheat sheet for VCs running universities in turbulent times

By Jonathan Jansen At least once a month a headhunting firm calls me seeking advice on a search for a university vice-chancellor. They want to pick my brains because of what I’ve learnt, sometimes the...

Ramaphosa sets out a bold vision for South Africa. But can he pull it off?

By Cheryl Hendricks As South Africa heads for the polls in a few months time in its sixth democratic election, political party electioneering has begun in earnest. President Cyril Ramaphosa kick started the governing African...

A referendum on land reform in South Africa? Brexit suggests not

By Roger Southall There are many valid reasons for calling for a deepening of democracy in South Africa, despite the fact that it has regular free elections and constitutional mechanisms designed to promote public participation...
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