Lost in the gulf: Examining the foreign affairs crisis of Kenyan migrant domestic workers in Arabian States

A reading of these facts is bound to arouse and beg multiple questions in the reader’s mind. To whom or to what can this sad state of affairs be attributed? Is it the victims themselves who willingly take these death trips despite having full knowledge of the carnage that awaits them? Is it the government […]

So you know the law, but do you know about cancer?

Cancer refers to a class of diseases in which a cell or a group of cells divide and replicate uncontrollably, intrude into adjacent cells and tissues, and ultimately spread to other parts of the body. If this spread is not controlled, it can result in death. Cancer can be a result of internal and external […]

Separation of church and state: Advocating for the repeal of sections 162 and 165 of Kenya’s penal code

This is especially relevant since the former Attorney General, in his affidavit in the consolidated Petition 150 and 254 of 2016 mentioned the fact in challenging the prayers sought in the case stating ‘The preamble to the Constitution acknowledges the supremacy of the almighty God who is the objective moral lawgiver and that this informed […]

Religion and the State in Kenya: A clash of civilizations?

Kenya, despite being a Christian-majority country, has a legal framework that enshrines everyone’s rights with regards to their religious affiliations. However, there seem to be confrontational conflicts between various religions competing for influence within the country and religious groups fighting for control of the national culture.  Perhaps this is attributable to the dominance of Christianity […]

Kicking man out of the loop: The case of loitering munitions and implications for international humanitarian law

On February 24 2022 Russia instigated what it calls a ‘special military operation’ in Ukraine whose objective is to, among others, ‘denazify’ Ukraine. With that Russia tossed a barrage of attacks from land, air, and sea in Ukraine. Military analysts and non-experts alike predicted or so thought that Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital, would fall into […]

From translucence to opacity: Judicial appointments after the Victoria Gowri case

To this end, I first break down the ‘reasoning’ of the court in Anna Matthew. Second, I highlight that the logic employed in this judgment is legally untenable, and third, I examine the consequences of this judgment for judicial review of judicial appointments. Anna Matthew – The conspicuous absence of logic This judgment was delivered […]

Headlines, International Law, Issue No. 86 - March 2023
March 01, 2023
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Beyoncé is going on a world tour. Why she shouldn’t ignore Africa

African fans were disappointed, but no doubt not surprised – Africa is almost always excluded from major world tours organised by global record labels. To be clear, it’s not just Beyoncé. Still, this particular exclusion is compounded by Queen Bey’s love of the continent – especially of former South African president Nelson Mandela – and […]

Untangling the legal responsibility of international organizations under international law: an x-ray of the draft articles on the responsibility of international organizations

The peacekeeping operations by international organizations have changed in recent years and several missions now pursue stabilization mandates.[1] These stabilization missions involves working closely alongside the host government, to promote the rule of law, engage in counter-terrorism activities and use of robust force to counter violence.[2] Such cooperation between an international organization with the host […]