In the Spotlight, Issue 90 - July 2023, Tribute
July 06, 2023
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Tribute to a mother of feminist masculinity – Micere Mugo

This speech[1] is included in the anthology of Professor Mutunga’s speeches, writings, and judgments, ‘Beacons of Judiciary Transformation’ co-edited by Prof. Sylvia Kang’ara, Duncan Okello and Kwamchetsi Makokha. His speech highlights the fact that feminism is about being but is not necessarily limited to one’s assigned sex. It is a summons to interrogate the deliberate […]

In the Spotlight, Issue 90 - July 2023, Trending News
July 06, 2023
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Sandra Ochola’s remarkable journey to a transformational future

In a world often shaped by conventional norms and expectations, there are individuals who defy the odds, break through barriers and pave the way for others to follow. Sandra Ochola is one such remarkable individual-a trailblazer whose journey embodies resilience, passion and a relentless commitment to effecting meaningful change. From qualifying as an Advocate of […]

In the Spotlight, Issue 90 - July 2023, Opinions
July 06, 2023
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New beginning or a false start?

The inauguration of the Kenya Kwanza government filled the hearts of a large majority of hustlers with much joy, in the belief that it heralded a great new dawn that would see hustlers of this great country witness prosperity, equity and human dignity. The momentous occasion, celebrated at a packed to overflowing Kasarani stadium, persuaded […]

In the Spotlight, Issue 89 - June 2023
June 01, 2023
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Chikondi Chijozi: A trailblazer in human rights advocacy

One of Chikondi’s notable achievements is her role as a Commissioner of the Malawi Human Rights Commission, where she continues to advocate for the rights of vulnerable groups. Her passion and dedication to the legal protection of vulnerable people have been recognized by Dr. Edge Kanyongolo, Associate Professor of Law at the Chancellor College University […]