Analysis of the NGO Coordination Board v Erick Gitari and others in light of the Hart-Devlin debate on law and morality

Regarding the debate, both scholars shared distinct perspectives in terms of law enforcing morality. Professor Hart was of the view that law and morality are two distinct and should be treated as such. Additionally, he argued that the law has no authority over morality and should not be a tool used to enforce it especially […]

Comrades power! Comrades power! Shots fired: Student activism, protests and the role of disruption as a communicative strategy in Africa

1. Introduction It comes with great sadness that I begin this article by mourning the death of my schoolmate. William Mayange, who went to Our Lady of Mercy Ringa Boys High School, was a third-year student at Maseno University at the time of his demise. He lost his life during the anti-government Azimio la Umoja […]

Human Rights, Issue 89 - June 2023
June 05, 2023
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Defending the wretched of the earth; Supreme CourtPetition no. 16 of 2019; Non-Governmental Organisations Co-ordination Board vs Eric Gitari & Others

On 24th February, 2023, the Supreme Court of Kenya by a majority affirmed that (LGBTQI persons) have the right to register an association as envisioned under Article 36 of the Constitution of Kenya. The Court further affirmed that Article 27 covers sexual orientation as one of the protected grounds against sexual orientation.  Preceding the Supreme […]

A commentary on the unemployment crisis in Kenya

Unemployment is not a newly emerging issue.[1] It has historical underpinnings attached to it that cannot just be wished away. Notably, employment is a global problem but is felt more especially in developing states which are often referred to derogatively as third world countries.[2] Further, the thorny issue of unemployment can affect anyone, but its […]

Human Rights, Issue 89 - June 2023
June 01, 2023
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An analysis of Kenya’s legal framework on mental health

Mental health is the basis of a person’s well-being. At any particular point in a person’s life, they are either socially and psychologically stable or suffer from some form of mental instability which as a result affects their work and relationships. The World Health Organization and other social institutions have been at the forefront in […]

Human Rights, Issue 89 - June 2023, Religion, Trending News
June 01, 2023
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Kenya cult deaths: A new era in the battle against religious extremism

Fathima Azmiya Badurdeen, who has studied the drivers of religious extremism, particularly among violent extremist groups in the east African region, talks to The Conversation Africa’s Julius Maina about the cults and religious extremism challenges in Kenya where freedom of religion or belief is protected by the constitution. What do we know so far about […]

Human Rights, Issue 89 - June 2023
June 01, 2023
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Betoning the right to a dignified life through the lens of street families in Kenya

Christopher McCrudden trifurcates the basic minimum content of the core of human dignity to entail: every human being possesses an intrinsic worth, just by being human. Secondly the intrinsic worth should be recognized and respected by others and that some forms of treatment by others are inconsistent with, or required by, respect for this intrinsic […]

Human Rights, Issue 89 - June 2023, Opinions
June 01, 2023
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Copyrights by non-human entities: Is it time Kenya?

Discussions around ownership of copyrights by non-humans were entertained in the popular case, Naruto v Slater,[1] popularly known as the “Monkey Selfie case”. The California district court and the Court of Appeal of the Ninth Circuit were tasked with determining if Slater and Wildlife Personalities Limited infringed upon a macaque’s photographs (copyright works). The macaque, […]

Human Rights, International Law, Issue 88 - May 2023
May 05, 2023
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Affordability of life: Why a large population of Kenyans continues to live without any form of health insurance

An equation of quality and timely healthcare services equates to good healthcare and an expensive bill. The health schemes cushion people from expensive bills, by funding medication at a time of need. But is this really true? What is the cost of getting health insurance cover? With the minimum wage of an average Kenyan at […]