Rethinking sexual and reproductive health rights in the context of climate change

By the mere fact that the pro-life and anti-abortion billboards were concentrated in Nairobi County, the capital city with a high rate of educated individuals, it would have been easier to buy the pro-adoption argument. Yet, it is this cynical deployment of “pro-adoption” to legitimize the shaming of abortion that blurs the substantive advancement of […]

The role of international economic law in mitigating climate change

Interestingly, climate change can be deemed to be a result of human activities. Climate change is caused by among other things: generating power by burning of fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas; manufacturing industry produce emissions mostly from burning fossil fuels to produce energy for making things like iron, steel, electronics, plastics […]

Environment Law, Issue No. 85 - Feb 2023
January 29, 2023
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Book review: Environmental law and diplomacy by Donald Kaniaru

As an insider, Kaniaru documents, through a collection of articles and speeches, the birth and development of IEL in the first 50 years. Uniquely, the author as a delegate, negotiator, drafter, implementer, capacity builder, judicial officer, and observer of IEL dives into negotiations of treaties, the seat of United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP), internal workings […]