Letter from the Editor-in-chief

Issue 89 - June 2023
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As we continue to cater to the needs of our readership within and beyond the Commonwealth, our mission remains resolute— to offer a platform for an informed and critical discussion on integral national values and principles of governance. Yet, in this endeavour, we still address the topical issues that underlie modern society: the convergence of […]


The launch of e-filling in Mombasa County

Issue 88 - May 2023
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Thank you, and God bless you all. Hon. Justice Martha Koome, EGH is the Chief Justice and President of the Supreme Court of Kenya


Rwanda: National memory and violence of forgetting a genocide

Elections Law
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The violence of forgetting genocide is violent; as a psychological construct, forgetting inhuman acts leads to them gnawing at the individual conscience and a need to have them violently repressed within the individual. In contemporary Rwanda, the government attempts to keep the national memory of the genocide at the forefront of the story of the […]


Perfection of securities over helicopter engines

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The Cape Town Convention facilitates the registration of aircraft by providing a standardized framework that regulates the securitisation of aircraft objects such as airframes, aircraft engines and helicopters. The Convention applies to objects, which satisfy the requirements of the Protocol. Specifically, the Convention applies to the purchase and financing of aircraft, airframes, jet engines and […]


A blessing or a jinx? The impact of political opposition in contemporary Kenya: building an arena for effective political opposition

Constitutional Law
150 views 32 mins

Democracy and opposition are supposed to go hand in hand. The nascent debate in Kenya is not just about whether democracy will survive, but about the quality of that democracy if it does. The role, functions, legitimacy and capacity of political opposition, in a situation where it is highly fragmented, constitutes a key aspect of […]


Book Review: These Words; An Anthology of Poems by Professor Kivutha Kibwana

Book Review
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Introduction At first glance, the legal profession and poetry seem like strange bedfellows. One may find it curious that the legal profession and the art of poetry would form a synergistic relationship. Yet, consider the fact that law has strong roots in the world of art and symbols, and poetry can often be, as Professor […]


The silent scourge: a call for outlawing marital rape in Kenya

Family Law
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The article attempts to analyse both the local and universal jurisprudence on rape laws and to show that exemption for marital rape does not align with the fundamental principles of justice and equality. The article argues that marital rape should be criminalised. The article further discusses the causal factors in addition to the effects of […]


Affordability of life: Why a large population of Kenyans continues to live without any form of health insurance

Human Rights
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An equation of quality and timely healthcare services equates to good healthcare and an expensive bill. The health schemes cushion people from expensive bills, by funding medication at a time of need. But is this really true? What is the cost of getting health insurance cover? With the minimum wage of an average Kenyan at […]