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Banking & Finance Laws
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Prof Phoebe Okowa accepts her award, discusses the work of the International Law Commission

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Legitimacy in the work of the International Law Commission Honourable Mr. Gitobu Imanyara and the entire team at The Platform, the Dean of Strathmore Law School, Dr. Peter Kwenjera, it is a huge honour and a privilege to be awarded this year’s C.B. Madan Prize. I am delighted to see so many friends and members […]


Rethinking sexual and reproductive health rights in the context of climate change

Environment Law
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By the mere fact that the pro-life and anti-abortion billboards were concentrated in Nairobi County, the capital city with a high rate of educated individuals, it would have been easier to buy the pro-adoption argument. Yet, it is this cynical deployment of “pro-adoption” to legitimize the shaming of abortion that blurs the substantive advancement of […]


A comprehensive IBI Law: A reprieve for the agricultural sector in the wake of unpredictable weather patterns

Constitutional Law
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Additionally, the government through the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Cooperatives should spearhead innovative ways to cushion farmers in such trying times. One of these ways is through the mainstreaming of agricultural insurance and in particular, the Weather Index Insurance (WII) which forms the substratum of this article. Climate change and the unprecedented drought […]


Praise to the Kenyan judiciary for its commitment to enhancing access to justice for all

Constitutional Law
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As it stands now, plans are underway to roll out similar courts throughout the country, starting with Nairobi, with a particular focus on informal settlements, particularly Kasarani and Embakasi. What does this mean for Kenyans when it comes to matters to do with access to justice? It can only mean one thing: the Judiciary’s commitment […]


Ex-gratia payments -or- a place to call home? The case of the Buxton Affordable Housing Project

Constitutional Law
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“On my part, I think the petitioners should be grateful, because I have not seen any clause in their tenancy agreement that obligates the respondent to grant them alternative accommodation, in the event that the respondent needs its premises. It should not be forgotten that the relationship between the petitioners and the respondent is one […]


From translucence to opacity: Judicial appointments after the Victoria Gowri case

International Law
35 views 18 mins

To this end, I first break down the ‘reasoning’ of the court in Anna Matthew. Second, I highlight that the logic employed in this judgment is legally untenable, and third, I examine the consequences of this judgment for judicial review of judicial appointments. Anna Matthew – The conspicuous absence of logic This judgment was delivered […]


Do we have enough laws and enforcement methods in place to curb domestic violence? A commentary

Constitutional Law
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This article seeks to outline different types of domestic violence and their effects. It also challenges some practices that have been taken to be solutions to the vice. It suggests that apart from dealing with violence matters under the Judiciary, a government department should be set aside to provide support to domestic violence victims. As […]


The rhetoric of ethnic and regional diversity in the composition of the national executive in Kenya: Kenya Kwanza government

Family Law
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By virtue of Executive Order No. 1 of 2023, ‘Organisation of the Government of the Republic of Kenya,’ issued in January 2023, the president announced 21 ministries each headed by a cabinet secretary. In addition to that, he announced 49 state departments and 51 principal secretaries who are the heads of the various state departments. […]