Binaifer Nowrojee named president of Open Society Foundations

Binaifer Nowrojee has been appointed as the new president of the Open Society Foundations, marking a historic moment as she becomes the first woman from the Global South to lead the organisation.

Following a unanimous decision by the Board of Directors, Binaifer Nowrojee, a distinguished human rights lawyer with a decade-long tenure at Human Rights Watch, will succeed Mark Malloch-Brown. Her extensive experience spans across continents, including Kenya, Tanzania, Singapore, the UK, and the United States.

Binaifer’s profound commitment to human rights and her instrumental roles in leading Open Society’s initiatives in Africa and Asia have made her well-known to partners, staff, and friends alike. She brings a wealth of experience and a deep-seated belief in the transformative power of the Foundation’s work.


Acknowledging the significant contributions of Mark Malloch-Brown over the past three years, Binaifer Nowrojee expressed her gratitude and outlined her vision for the future, emphasizing a redoubling of commitment to advancing human rights globally.


In a statement, she highlighted the importance of collaboration with partners and the broader community to tackle the challenges ahead. Binaifer’s leadership, coupled with her compassion and dedication, embodies the spirit of Open Society, positioning her to lead the organisation into its next phase of impactful work.

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