Author: Caleb Weisiko Keraka

Caleb Weisiko is a Trainee Lawyer at Anjarwalla & Khanna LLP, and an LL.B Graduate from The University of Nairobi. He is currently undertaking his Post-Graduate Diploma at the Kenya School of Law. He is also a part-time Associate Editor and Writer with JURIST, a Legal News and Commentary Organisation affiliated with the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, US.

Data privacy litigation: Analysing the inaugural determination of the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner (ODPC) in Allen Gichuhi v Ambrose Waigwa ODPC Complaint No. 677 of 2022

The ODPC is a regulatory office established pursuant to Section 5 of the Act.[1] The ODPC is mandated with regulating personal data processing, ensuring that the processing of a data subject’s personal data