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2022 C.B Madan Awards: Honoring legal pioneers and embracing digital delivery

The Strathmore Law School was buzzing with excitement on Friday, February 24th, 2023, as the 2022 C.B. Madan prize awards incorporating the Strathmore Law School outstanding students awards as well as the C.B. Madan memorial lecture, was held.

The event, which is annually scheduled but was delayed to this year due to unavoidable circumstances was run by The Platform in collaboration with Strathmore Law School and sponsored by top law firms in the region such as TripleOK Law LLP, Bowmans Law, KNLaw LLP, IKM, ALN Africa, Muma Kanjama, HHM Law, Nyiha Mukoma, ENS Law. The masters of the ceremony were Hon. Gitobu Imanyara and Ms. Mukami Wangai, who kept the event lively and engaging.

The C.B Madan Prize, named after the former Chief Justice of Kenya, is awarded to individuals or groups who have demonstrated exceptional commitment and contribution to the advancement of constitutionalism and the rule of law in the country. In his opening remarks, the Editor-in-chief of The Platform, Hon. Gitobu Imanyara, paid tribute to the former Chief Justice, C.B. Madan, whom he described as a brilliant legal mind whose legacy continues to inspire the men and women on the bench. He also highlighted the importance of celebrating unsung heroes in law and promoting the cause of constitutionalism and the rule of law in Kenya.

The event was attended by legal luminaries, renowned senior lawyers such as Pheroze Nowrojee SC, law professors and law students. It was a perfect opportunity for networking and exchanging ideas on matters of law and justice. The atmosphere was electric, with everyone eager to celebrate the remarkable achievements of the awardees.

The 2022 C.B. Madan Award was presented to Prof. Phoebe Okowa, who made history on 12th November 2021 by becoming the first lady of African descent to be elected to the International Law Commission membership. Her current research focuses on the systemic problems of accountability involved in using and exploiting natural resources in conflict zones. In her C.B Madan Memorial Lecture, Prof. Okowa delivered a powerful message, calling for better representation of women at the international level, especially in the international criminal justice system.

The Strathmore Law School Outstanding Students Awards 2022, sponsored by the top law firms in the region, recognized outstanding personalities in the graduating class of 2022. The awards were given to top-performing students in various categories: top male and female graduands overall, top dissertation, best in mooting, most impactful in social injustice and top in individual subjects. The C.B Madan Student Awardees sponsored by The Platform were recognized for their thought-provoking and novel approaches to law, as seen in the pieces they authored in various issues released monthly by The Platform.

Doubtlessly, the 2022 C.B. Madan Prize Awards ceremony was a resounding success, and the awardees deserved all the accolades they received. It was a reminder of the importance of promoting constitutionalism and the rule of law, and the need to recognize those who work tirelessly to advance this cause. The event was a fitting tribute to the legacy of C.B. Madan, a true giant in the Kenyan legal landscape and an inspiration to the current and future generations of lawyers and legal practitioners.

To further the digital delivery of The Platform to its global readership, part of the event was launching The Platform News mobile application. This means that subscribers can now receive news from all fields of interest, anytime and anywhere on their phones or computers. The Platform has also updated its website to enable the sharing of more news, made possible by modern technology. The vast readership that The Platform takes pride in can now visit its website and subscribe to get notifications on articles and opinions as they arrive.

Although owing to some unavoidable circumstances the event was held later than usual, it was well worth the wait. Here at The Platform, we cannot wait for this year’s awards ceremony and to see who the next recipient of the C.B. Madan Prize Award will be. Congratulations to all the winners and outstanding Strathmore Law School personalities of the graduating class of 2022.