Designing each day for life 

I wake up to a brand-new day that has never been lived before. Everything in this day is fresh and waiting for me to make it my own. My thoughts, feelings, and circumstances have shaped the day even before it began. Today I choose to live life through a different lens – the deathbed criterion. Will it matter when I’m on my deathbed?

This simple question changes my focus from the urgent to the important. I tend to the important things that nourish my life rather than just my day. I find balance when I feed my largest self. I realize that my habits are no longer just routines but part of my life.

The deathbed criterion turns out to be the key to making the most of this day and every day. As Professor Sonja Lyubomirsky wrote in her book “The How of Happiness,” we often forget that a perceived slight or a horrendous week will not matter much, let alone be remembered, in the future. I let go of the baggage that does not serve me in the long run.

I take stock of what I value most in my life. I let those things gleam and stand out, while the rest fall away. I see my life in the light of day, and everything takes on a new meaning. I design each day to live a life that is worth living.

It’s not just about today, but about how I want to look back at my life when I reach the end. Did I live each day well? Did I make it matter? Did I leave the baggage behind? I know I did because I designed each day for life.

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The writer is an inspiration speaker and a life coach. He can be reached at 0798889510.